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New numbers…

They look great, so I am officially 6 weeks today!

  • HCG = 55, 542
  • Progesterone =95.1
  • Estadiol = 1845

Now, we are just anxiously awaiting Tuesday’s sonogram!!! Oh, and they said no need for more labwork! Yeah!!!

As for symptoms…I am starting to be hungry all the time, but it is tricky because I am having a hard time finding things that sound good to me to eat. Fruit and salads are just about all that sounds appetizing…looking for sources of protein.  This morning I had a short bout of nausea, but drank some OJ and it was better.   As I am not wanting to get really sick, I am embracing these symptoms as a pleasant reminder that I am pregnant!! I am so thankful for today’s good news!



Today’s HCG results…nuff said!!!! 

(Next check will be Friday)

Oh Happy Day!!! Aunt Flo came early!


Aunt Flo came earlier than expected! Last Thursday I finally got a negative HCG result after a miscarriage, and the doctors were guessing that it would be another 4-6 weeks before I get my period. Thankfully they were WRONG… hopefully in a month I’ll be giving myself shots again, IUIs, vaginal sonograms, and scheduled intercourse…can you believe I am actually looking forward to this!?! Hey it is all worth it in the end!

So today I made a trip to the pharmacy to pick up my ironic combo purchase of tampons and pre-natal vitamins (after a year and a half I should be okay with it, but I’m not)!

I have emailed Axis Acupuncture and am wanting to get started ASAP to make sure those ovaries are good and ready for when the time comes!

Thanks for all the well wishes and fertility vibes! Keep ’em coming!

HCG is negative…FINALLY!


Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the D&C Jan 17th, and on Feb 14th my HCG level is 2. When you are pregnant your HCG level doubles daily, so eventually it is in the thousands and so forth.  After you miscarry, it needs to dwindle back down to negative (according to docs, below 5 is negative…whatever). So for the past 4 Thursdays, I have gone to check my level…152, 34, 7 and finally TWO!!!!! The nurse informed me that typically women have a period anywhere from 4-6 weeks…WHAT…another 4-6 weeks?

More waiting…I have never wanted Aunt Flo to come more than I do right now! My body is just seems like it is taking FOREVER!

Anyway, I got good news today, which is now a baby step forward (no pun intended)! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!