Monthly Archives: April 2008

Today’s appointment…

went okay.  So the left side cysts are all gone and looks great.  There are 2 cysts still hanging out on the right side, but the doc thinks another week of birth control pills will do the trick.  I will go back next week to make sure they have disappeared.

So I asked why he thinks this happened and he said without hesitation that there is a 40% chance after a failed gonadotropin (shots) cycle to develop cysts…well there ya go, duh!

When I asked about our future game plan, he felt that once these cysts go away, we should be able to start a medicated cycle/IUI right away.  I hope my body (and my husband) can handle all these hormonal changes!


My new outlook on life…

Okay, some of you may think I am a dork but oh well!  Although good things were happening to me and around me, I was feeling very negative and down in the dumps, so I decided to jump on Oprah’s bandwagon and join the “A New Earth” phenomenon.  I am hoping for an “ah-ha” moment!

And yes, I am taking the online classes, too!  Because I just started, I am a little behind but plan on finishing at my own pace!  I already feel that it is helping me clear my head!

I go to the doctor tomorrow to check on the cysts and will fill you in on what he says…thinking positive thoughts!

Aunt Shuz babysits!!

Sarah and Brant had a busy weekend as they were involved in a wedding.  So Grammy and Aunt Shuz got to babysit! Blakeley is growing so fast and is doing so much…she loves making raspberries! So precious!

Our weekend in Phoenix…

Thanks to Joe and Angela, we were able to fly to Phoenix and experience all that Phoenix has to offer. They were such gracious hosts and took us to all the hot spots (Wally’s, Postino, Chelsea’s, Scottsdale Culinary Festival, and so much more!) We were able to stay in their great new house, meet precious Marley, and met so many of their friends. Here are a few pics from our visit!

We took Marley to the dog park for the very first time…she was a super star!

Me and Marley!

Gary and Marley!

Marley is just the cutest puggle ever!

Here we are at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. We had a blast and left full and happy!

Not so good news…

So I went in for may baseline sonogram last Thursday assuming I’d be getting my dosage for shots and the medicated cycle would begin again. Not so much. The sono tech started measuring multiple cysts (I counted about 6). Okay, so now what? Of course I did not get a call until I was on the plane and in the air with my phone turned off. None of my questions could be answered!

Well, the message that they left was that they needed to call in a prescription for Birth Control pills. Back on BC pills? The nurse said that they hope the pills will suppress the cysts. I go back in later on the 29th to check the cysts.

Point of the story…this cycle is a bust. Not even gonna be able to try to get pregnant this month.

Strike 2.

Round 2 of the shots/IUI did not work.  Cycle day 22 turns to Cycle day 1…my shortest cycle ever.  Gonna have to talk to doc about this one.

Third times a charm?  I sure hope so.

A big day for Vader…

We went over for a playdate at our neighbor’s house. Julie has 2 Brussels and we have wanted to help Vader be more social. I was a nervous momma, but he was fantastic!

As always, Tank was Miss Socialite and I think she now has a boyfriend, Griffin!

They are pooped! What a fun day!