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Twin Books.

I have taken this weekend to educate myself about twin pregnancy.  I went to B&N and got 2 books…

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads


Twins! Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life


Are there any other books that anyone recommends?  I would like to find one about breatfeeding twins, but B&N did not have it.  I have already gotten good info on nutrition from the first one listed…it gave me great suggestions for protein and they actually sounded good.

8 weeks!

I had a songram today at 8 weeks and boy have the babies grown in a week and a half! All looks good…we even got to see one of the baby’s spines (super cool)!

  • Baby A: 8w3d with  a heartrate of 170
  • Baby B: 8w1d with a heartrate of 169

I have now graduated to my OB!!! My doc was very sweet and was genuinely happy for us…the goodbye was a bit emotional! However, I am anxious to call and set up my first OB appointment!

With today’s good news, I have decided to transition to a new blog…I am going to use blogspot because there are more options and I can order a print out of the blog.  There I will post the sonogram pics! Please check out for further updates.  We will always remember our struggle that I documented here and I do believe it made us stronger, but we now have begun a different journey.  I have appreciated and cherished your comments and support and hope you will continue to follow along.

It’s OSCAR time!!!

Normally I would watch the Oscar’s mainly to check out celebs and what they are wearing….But for the past 3 years, I have enjoyed watching the Oscars so much more…Jolyn and David have been seat fillers and it is so fun to watch out for them, spot them, and hear the amazing stories they have! And they are there againthis year!!!!

Here is who we are looking for…

Oscars 2009




Two years ago Jolyn sat with the stars from The Departed and David sat with the stars from Pans Labryinth. We will be on the look out for sure and post any shots of them!!!

Oscars 2007

Jolyn sat behind Leo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, and next to Mark Wahlberg and his chick.



Poll results are in…

  • 69 people said 2 babies
  • 10 people said 1 baby

69 people are………………CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are 2 babies, 2 heartbeats….TWO!!!!!!!!!!! 

We are overjoyed and shocked! We knew the numbers could be indicative of twins but actually seeing and hearing that is unreal.  I felt like it was an out of body experience…that someone else was laying there getting the good news.  

  • Baby A measuring 6w5d with heartbeat of 123.
  • Baby B measuring 6w3d with a hearbeat of 119.
  • Due date Oct 9, but the doc said that I would not make it to that

I go back for another sonogram next Friday and then hopefully I will graduate to my OBGYN!  I can not say it enough, but THANK YOU to everyone for their love and support through all this! You all helped make this possible! We will keep praying that everything progresses as it should.  YEAH!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aunt Shuz had to buy a silly Valentine’s hat for a picture with sweet Miss B! Blakeley sure thought the fuzzy hearts were silly!



And of course, Tank and Vader wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day as well!


New numbers…

They look great, so I am officially 6 weeks today!

  • HCG = 55, 542
  • Progesterone =95.1
  • Estadiol = 1845

Now, we are just anxiously awaiting Tuesday’s sonogram!!! Oh, and they said no need for more labwork! Yeah!!!

As for symptoms…I am starting to be hungry all the time, but it is tricky because I am having a hard time finding things that sound good to me to eat. Fruit and salads are just about all that sounds appetizing…looking for sources of protein.  This morning I had a short bout of nausea, but drank some OJ and it was better.   As I am not wanting to get really sick, I am embracing these symptoms as a pleasant reminder that I am pregnant!! I am so thankful for today’s good news!